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This site uses cookies.

Cookies [] are small text messages which are stored on on-line devices (typically your computer) when a device accesses the internet. A cookie enables a web page to recognize a user it encountered before, and store information to either personalize a service or optimize site performance.

A cookie can be set to expire just after the user is done with the website or it can stored for a longer time one your online device. An example of the former is when cookies are used in navigation, examples of the latter are for storing user preferences, or in analyses of user behaviour or traffic.

Cookies on this site website uses cookies mainly for three purposes:

1. Cookies enable us to utilize Participants Database which allows you to register your warranty and register to our Newsletter. Cookies help you to pre-compile your personal data.

2. Cookies are used for analysis of page performance and traffic consistency. In essence the cookies provides us with anonymous usage statistics that let us find out if our site is structured the right way and empower us to restructure content and information architecture, so things are sufficiently easy to find.

In addition  it lets us assess what kind of material people are interested in when they visit our site, and whether we can increase the level of relevance for our users. We use Google Analytics to collect and survey this data.
Read more on Google Analytics and the way it uses cookies.

3. Cookies are used for conversion strategies and segmentation of visitors. In order to make the most relevant content available to the biggest amount of people, makes use of other online media to convey its information. To assess the efficiency of using these external channels we have to implement cookies that tells us what kind of traffic they provide to our site. To read more about this go to:

What to do if you do not want cookies on your on-line device

The cookies of Google Analytics

If you do not wish your visits to be registered by Google Analytics, you can use Google’s Opt-Out Browser Add-on. You can get this at

Be advised that this browser plugin not only will affect cookies set on this site, but all sites, and subsequently will prohibit other websites that use Google Analytics to register valuable information for use in their aim to provide better usability.

Other types of cookies

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. As a user you however have the possibility of accepting or rejecting a cookie, by changing the settings in your browser. Note that removing cookies may log you out or change website behaviour. If this behaviour is important to you, you can  usually restored it by unblock the site from the browser cookie list.

Below is a list of advice on how to disable cookie in the most common browsers:

In Chrome you should go to settings under “Customize and control Chrome” (the wrench). Click “Settings” in the menu, then “Show advanced settings” (at button) then “Privacy”, “Contents settings…” and then you will be able to block all cookies or just the cookies from this site.

In Firefox go to “Tools” in the top-menu. Click “Options”, then the tab, “Privacy”. Under the label “History” you should choose “Use custom settings for history” to set your preferences in relation to cookies. Within the History context you will also find two handy links to clear your “recent history” or “delete individual cookies”.

In Safari you should visit the “Safari” menu item, press “Preferences”. Then you should go to “Privacy” and you can either “Remove All Website Data” or change the cookie settings in the “Block“ section to the way you like them.

In Internet Explorer 8 go to Tools, choose Internet Options, then choose the “Privacy” tab. Now you should either press the button “Sites” or “Advanced”, and you will be allowed to either “Block or allow all cookies”, “Block or allow cookies based on their type” or “Block or allow cookies from specific websites”.

If you are using other browsers, you will probably find similar functionality, by looking in the help menu.


Under no circumstance does this site use cookies to track or pinpoint anything that can be traced to you as an individual or to your personal email. In order to send you an e-mail newsletter when content is updated on the site we have enabled an e-mail service. Any emails obtained by sign-ups to this newsletter is strictly used for this service and will not be subject to reselling or any other kind of distribution to marketeers or commercial purposes.