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Goomah frames — exclusive of paint, decals or other surface finishes — are covered by a lifetime warranty for the original owner or a three-year warranty regardless of original ownership. The Goomah warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials. Paint is covered under a limited one-year warranty.

The lifetime warranty is valid only if the original owner has registered the product within 30 days of its purchase. If not, the three-year warranty applies.

The frame can be registered online or by mail, by completing and sending in the enclosed warranty card. Keep your original invoice or original proof of purchase and send a copy of it with your warranty card to Goomah.

For warranty service, products originally purchased from a dealer authorized for warranty service and repair must be returned through the original dealer, accompanied by an invoice, legal receipt or other proof of purchase. Goomah will repair or replace the defective product, at its discretion. If Goomah decides to replace a defective frame, the replacement frame may not be the exact model purchased (for example: if production of your model has been discontinued).


Things not covered under this warranty include but are not limited to normal wear and tear, damage caused by accident, theft, neglect, improper maintenance, misuse, or use in a manner for which the frame was not designed.

Misuse includes improper assembly of bicycle or bicycle parts. We recommend assembly by professional bicycle mechanics only. We also recommend periodic maintenance check-ups by a professional to increase the safety and lifespan of your frame.


Breakage or damage caused by an accident is not covered under this warranty. In these unfortunate cases, the most important issue is that you are alive.

To relieve the pain, Goomah will provide you with a new frame in exchange for your damaged frame and a report on how the accident happened and with the following conditions:

– 50% of retail price during first year of warranty

– 65% of retail price during second year of warranty

– 80% of retail price during third year of warranty

Frame replacement due to accident as described above must be done directly through Goomah and not through the dealer network. Shipping costs are not included. Fairness pays! Frame substitution in case of accident applies only if the damage has been communicated as an accident from the start and there has been no attempt to first try warranty repair or substitution. Frame replacement due to accident is solely at the discretion of Goomah.


This warranty covers ONLY the frame; other bicycle parts, such as wheels and cranksets, are covered by their respective manufacturers.


Send your completed warranty card with proof of purchase to:

Goomah SA, Warranty
11 A, BOSIA Street, 6900 PARADISO – LUGANO

Or scan your completed warranty card and proof of purchase and email it to: or complete the online warranty form available on our website.

If you need warranty repair or service, please contact your original dealer. If you cannot contact your dealer for warranty service, send an email directly to

You will receive shipping instructions. Goomah will reimburse shipping costs if Goomah determines that the warranty applies.